I’m a Digital Designer and New Media Artist based in Vienna, whose practice sits in the intersection of art, design, and technology.

My work varies from critical and speculative design to pure experimentations, which translates to different types of projects including light installations, interactive installations, projection mapping, digital branding and web development. My latest body of work relates to the topics of human-machine interactions, light, sexuality, and generative design.

Previous interactive installations have been internationally recognised at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria (2018), and Creative Youth of 2018 in Portugal (2019). My latests creations include stage design 'for Lighthouse Festival' (2022) in Croatia and the work 'Composing Mozart', a light interactive installation for the immersive experience 'Mythos Mozart' in Vienna, Austria.

Moreover, I actively engage in the creation of generative visual work under the alias of ‘ibz’, the platform to explore the fields of vjing and live cinema by using tools that allow me to create visual content that is generative, audio-reactive and runs real time.

I hold a BA in Design and Multimedia from the University of Coimbra and an MA in Interaction Design Communication from the University of the Arts London, graduated in 2018.

Currently working as a freelancer and listening to the latest album of Beyonce. Open for collaborations, walks and drinks.


Beatriz Lacerda


Vienna, Austria




She / They


A lady never tells

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