With Pride

‘With Pride’ is an interactive light installation, it is a site-specific piece created for the queer café-bar and association ‘Lazy Life’ in Vienna, Austria.

I wanted to conceive an installation that filled up the room in a way that anyone could change it as they like. Personally, the rainbow flag represents the inclusivity and fluidity of the LGBTQ+ community, and that is the foundation of this installation.

The interactivity works with a leap motion sensor, where hand movements are tracked, animating the neon LED tubes. These have been mapped with TouchDesigner, allowing people to playfully change the light dynamics of the room as they experiment through different nuances of the pride flag.

There are three types of motion detected: 1— open hand moving closer and further from the sensor, which moves the position of the colors; 2— closed hand, which makes all the tubes the same color, and the distance of the hand from the sensor changes which color is displayed; 3— ‘pinch’ motion of the hand, which flips the orientation of the animation to vertical.






Interactive light installation


Site-specific installation


Neon LED tubes, TouchDesigner, Leap Motion, Arduino


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